A word about this website. We have tried to make this information as comprehensive and factual as possible. However, some of the information you’ll find here may have been updated. Also, some of the equipment shown or described through this website may have been changed and / or is available at extra cost. Further, CAL>Isuzu Ltd, reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice, in prices, colours, materials, equipment and models. Your CAL>Isuzu salesperson has details, and before ordering, you should ask them to bring you up to date.

No CAL>Isuzu salesperson or other person is authorised or permitted to give or make any statement, assertion or undertaking in relation to the quality, performance characteristics, descriptions or fitness for any purpose of any Isuzu product which is at variance with any written statement, assertion or undertaking on any of these subjects given or made by CAL>Isuzu Ltd in its published sales literature, and CAL>Isuzu Ltd does not accept any liability for any such unauthorised action.

Express warranties offered for Isuzu products are subject to the conditions set out in all vehicle handbooks. Details also available from CAL>Isuzu Ltd on request.

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