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Why CAL certified?

If you are looking for great quality parts at a great price, you can trust CAL certified, after all – we wouldn’t attach the CAL name to anything we didn’t truly believe in.

What is a CAL certified used part?

Because we reconfigure new ISUZU trucks and dismantle used trucks of all brands right here at CAL>Isuzu, we have access to a wide range of parts, everything from almost new parts to those taken from Trade-Ins and trucks that met an unscheduled end. Our team check them all and offer those that they are happy to certify at prices significantly lower than new.

As an example, we recently converted a series of brand-new ISUZU trucks to electric power, that meant we had to remove a number of new components from the trucks, which we were able to offer as CAL certified.

Is it just ISUZU parts?

Our team of expert dismantlers supply our parts team with a wide range of truck parts from a wide range of manufacturers. They check them and certify the best quality parts so that you can buy them at a fraction of the new part cost.

Who can buy CAL certified used parts?

CAL certified parts are sold to other dealerships, service workshops, fleets and truck owners. Basically, if you have a truck that needs a part – CAL certified is a great place to start your search.

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