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When CAL>ISUZU took over TCL in late 2012 they created a retail trucking operation covering the whole of the upper North Island.

Managing Director of CAL>ISUZU Ashok Parbhu is proud to say that when his brother created CAL back in 1987, his

vision was to provide more of what the trucking industry wanted. More service, more honesty, more experience and above all, more time on the road.

Now, almost 3 years after TCL and CAL>ISUZU became one,

that is exactly what you, our loyal customers can expect from us – quite simply – more than you could reasonably expect from anyone else.

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Latest Used Trucks For Sale

Isuzu N-Series 2TKm d NQR 500

Isuzu N-Series 2TKm d NQR 500

Stock #16481

$40,250 inc. GST

Mitsubishi Fuso FSJ54

Mitsubishi Fuso FSJ54

Stock #16278

$126,500 inc. GST

Hino FC Ranger

Hino FC Ranger

Stock #16280

$78,200 inc. GST

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4,500 - 8,700 GVM


10,400 - 24,000 GVM

Giga Series

24,000+ GVM

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